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Meet the Team – UCC Academy

16 March, 2022
In this article, we introduce our partners from UCC Academy, who are the project's science communications partner and support with project management.
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Meet the Team – Advanced Energy Materials Group, Tyndall National Institute

28 February, 2022
The Advanced Energy Materials Group (AEMG) at the Tyndall National Institute are responsible for are responsible for characterising and validating the fabricated thermoelectric cell in the TRANSLATE device, with the focus of targeted power generation. Come and meet their team.
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Nanochannel Theory Explained

17 February, 2022
TRANSLATE consortium member and Work Package 1 leader, Professor Steffen Hardt (Technische Universität Darmstadt), tells us about the physics of thermoelectric energy conversion in nanochannels.
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Meet the Team – Cidete

16 February, 2022
Cidete are responsible for assisting in the electrical and thermal characterisation of nanofluidic platforms, preparing and characterising suitable electrode materials for intercalative energy harvesting cells, and testing prototype devices. Come and meet their team.
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80th International Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia

2 February, 2022
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Meet the Team – UCC Materials Chemistry and Analysis Group

6 January, 2022
UCC's Materials Chemistry and Analysis Group coordinate the TRANSLATE project and are responsible for fabricating nanoporous materials infiltrated with electrolyte for thermovoltage generation. Here we introduce their team members.
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Translate Project Newsletters

TRANSLATE Newsletter Issue 2

6 July, 2023
TRANSLATE's second annual newsletter.
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TRANSLATE Newsletter Issue 1

22 June, 2022
TRANSLATE's first annual newsletter, one year on from our project kick-off.
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