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TRANSLATE’s Participation in Horizon Results Booster

29 February, 2024
TRANSLATE's participation experience in the Horizon Results Booster programme by the European Commission.
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TRANSLATE’s Sustainable Waste Heat Recovery Solution

29 January, 2024
Know about our video series exploring TRANSLATE's scientific innovation - a captivating journey into the realm of waste heat recovery with the TRANSLATE device.
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Functionalising Nanochannel Membranes

5 January, 2024
Read about TRANSLATE's functionalisation of nanochannel membranes to enhance thermovoltage to convert waste heat into electricity.
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TRANSLATE’s Participation in AMBER’s Transition Year Event

22 December, 2023
Read about the AMBER Transition Year event at University College Cork's Environmental Research Institute.
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Harnessing Waste Heat for Clean Energy

19 October, 2023
The TRANSLATE project pioneers the transformation of waste heat into valuable electrical energy through nanoscale channels driven by temperature gradients. Read about how it combines simulation, fabrication, and integrated optimisation to pave the way for a sustainable energy future.
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Reflections on the International Workshop on Thermo-electrochemical Devices (IWTED) 2023

5 October, 2023
TRANSLATE participated in the International Workshop on Thermo-electrochemical Devices (IWTED 2023). Read about how it validated our research direction, facilitated interactions with influential researchers, and paved the way for promising collaborations, highlighting the bright future of thermo-electrochemical innovation and progress.
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Translate Project Newsletters

TRANSLATE Newsletter Issue 2

6 July, 2023
TRANSLATE's second annual newsletter.
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TRANSLATE Newsletter Issue 1

22 June, 2022
TRANSLATE's first annual newsletter, one year on from our project kick-off.
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