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Meet the Team – TUD Institute for Nano and Microfluidics

6 January, 2022
TU Darmstadt’s Institute for Nano- and Microfluidics are responsible for building the simulation model that will allow transport processes in nanochannels under temperature gradients to be investigated. Here is their team.
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The University of Latvia to develop devices for “greener” and more efficient thermal energy storage

30 September, 2021
The Institute of Chemical Physics of the University of Latvia (UL ICP) will spend the next four years researching innovative, unconventional, and environmentally friendly solutions for converting waste heat into electrical energy.
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UCC Led Research Team Awarded €3.5 million To Turn Waste Heat into Electricity

30 September, 2021
A University College Cork-led research project has received €3.5m in EU funding to develop a revolutionary way of converting waste heat into electricity.
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The Seebeck effect coming full circle

30 September, 2021
TRANSLATE consortium member, Professor Paul Hurley, tells us about the origins of our knowledge on global warming and the interesting link with the aim of the TRANSLATE project.
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The idea behind TRANSLATE: A sustainable nano-porous platform to convert waste heat into electrical energy

30 September, 2021
TRANSLATE consortium member, Dr. Subhajit Biswas, tells the story behind TRANSLATE, and how the idea went from blue-sky thinking to a successfully-funded EU project.
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