TRANSLATE is developing
a new nanofluidic
platform technology

to effectively convert waste
heat to electricity


TRANSLATE is committed to Open Access research and is taking part in a European Commission pilot on Open Access to Research Data.

All publications from the TRANSLATE project are freely accessible and published as open access articles at either gold or green standard. Our research publications and data are stored in an open-access data repository on Zenodo to enable future researchers to access, exploit, reproduce and disseminate our data. This repository is validated as Open Access by OpenAIRE, with an associated OpenAIRE project page

Background Research

A selection of research which has shaped our project proposal:

  • Waste Heat Recovery in the EU industry and proposed new technologies
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  • Organic thermoelectric materials for energy harvesting and temperature control
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  • Thermally Chargeable Solid-State Supercapacitor
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  • Flow and streaming potential of an electrolyte in a channel with an axial temperature gradient
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  • Thermoelectricity in confined liquid electrolytes
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