The realm of materials science witnessed a dynamic convergence of experts, researchers and innovators at the prestigious MATERIALS TODAY Conference 2023, held from 2nd-5th August at the Singapore Expo. Organised by Elsevier in partnership with the Materials Today family of journals, this conference marked an epoch of innovation, knowledge sharing and collaboration. 

The conference’s scope was expansive, drawing together luminaries from diverse fields including materials science, chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering. A platform for fundamental and applied science, the event was designed to explore forward-looking themes underpinning global challenges across three key areas: energy and sustainability, soft and biomaterials, and advanced functional and structural materials. 

Gathering an impressive cohort of 421 participants, the conference showcased the intellectual prowess of the materials science community through 4 plenary lectures, 23 keynote speakers, 16 invited speakers, 149 oral presentations, and 235 poster presentations. The event provided an egalitarian stage for researchers at all stages of their careers to exhibit, share and deliberate upon the latest and most groundbreaking research in the materials science domain. 

An overarching principle of inclusivity and diversity underscored the conference, manifested through balanced gender representation and global participation among scientists. This ethos also extended to the Rising Stars and Agents of Change Awards in Materials Science, aimed at recognising outstanding contributions to the field. 

Dr. Irina Oliseveca, researcher from the University of Latvia and a key member of the TRANSLATE project, shared her research findings and innovations with a poster presentation entitled “Comprehensive Comparison of Anodic Alumina Membrane Infiltration Methods: Electrolyte Selection, Membrane Stability and Flow Rate Characterization​”. Furthermore, she participated in a Publishing & Meet the Editors Workshop with prominent editors from the Materials Science publishing industry. 

Dr. Irina Oliseveca at Materials Today Conference 2023, Singapore
Dr. Irina Oliseveca at Materials Today Conference 2023, Singapore

Dr. Irina Oliseveca presenting the poster and the TRANSLATE brochure at the conference

Reflecting on her experience at the conference, Dr. Oliseveca expressed her enthusiasm for the conference, saying, “It was so inspiring to listen to the lectures of world-leading researchers in the field of energy and functional materials, and to share the achievements of our TRANSLATE team with a diverse and engaged audience. Now, invigorated and brimming with fresh ideas, we are poised to tackle the goals of the TRANSLATE project with renewed vigor.” 

The MATERIALS TODAY Conference 2023, a nexus of intellectual exchange and discovery, encapsulated the spirit of collaborative innovation. As researchers and experts continue to unravel the mysteries of materials science, such conferences serve as beacons guiding the trajectory of scientific progress towards a sustainable and transformative future.

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