Second annual report on DEC activities

We recently submitted our 2nd Annual Report on Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication activities as part of our EU reporting requirements. This comprehensive report provides a detailed overview of the progress and achievements of TRANSLATE over the past year.

  • Publications and project resources: Our dedicated team has produced a range of impactful resources and publications to share our research and insights with the wider community. Explore the report to discover thought-provoking articles, our first research paper, and informative materials that showcase the depth of our expertise.
  • Conferences: Throughout our second year, we have actively participated in several prestigious conferences and symposiums. The report highlights our contributions at these events at which we made valuable connections, expanding our network of like-minded innovators.
  • Outreach events and campaigns: The report showcases a broad array of events and campaigns that TRANSLATE has organised and participated in to foster innovation, outreach and knowledge exchange.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team, partners and collaborators whose collective efforts have made these achievements that we have reported in our 2nd Annual Report on Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication possible. Together, TRANSLATE is driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of energy transition. Access the full report here.

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