TRANSLATE’s Participation in Horizon Results Booster

In the realm of research and innovation, the journey from groundbreaking discoveries in laboratories to tangible societal benefits is the principle of scientific impact. Recognising the importance of this journey, the TRANSLATE project applied and were successful in their application for the Horizon Results Booster (HRB) initiative.

Understanding the Horizon Results Booster Initiative

The Horizon Results Booster (HRB), an initiative pioneered by the European Commission, functions as a pivotal catalyst in translating research endeavours into tangible societal benefits. Going beyond conventional Dissemination and Exploitation (D&E) obligations, the overarching goal of the HRB is to maximise the impact of publicly-funded research through free consulting services provided by a consortium of specialised companies.

Services of the Horizon Results Booster Initiative


The initiation of TRANSLATE’s participation in the HRB began with our application for the Portfolio Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy. Selecting Module C , our overall aim was to improve our existing exploitation strategy. The application submission comprised a concise 1600-character essay encompassing an explanation of the project, a summary of ongoing exploitation endeavours, and a clear articulation of anticipated benefits from the programme.

Upon approval, META Group initiated the service delivery for TRANSLATE. An introductory webinar was held on 28th August 2023 and served as an initial step, focusing on the project’s needs, Key Exploitable Results (KERs), and the structural nuances of the programme. The objective was clear – to enhance the exploitation strategy by revising, complementing, and clarifying existing plans, identifying stakeholders, and performing risk analyses.

Following the conclusion of this meeting, META Group provided the necessary documents to finalise the preliminary report. This report was shared with us prior to a workshop scheduled after this, enabling us to thoroughly acquaint ourselves with its contents. Later refined as necessary into its final iteration, it served as the foundation for workshop discussions and activities.

The Horizon Results Booster Final Workshop was held on December 20, 2023. The main aim was to brainstorm ideas related to the exploitation pathway for our Key Exploitable Results (KERs). The team discussed unique value propositions, go-to-market strategies, and the identification of early adopters. Discussions also revolved around potential markets for our future technology. Overall, the session facilitated important discussions and agreements on the exploitation strategy for TRANSLATE.

Programme Benefits

The focused workshops and expert guidance enabled the project team to refine and align their ideas, serving as a constructive checkpoint in the project for assessing and strengthening our exploitation intentions. Participation in the HRB solidified our thinking around potential applications of the technology under development, and has served as important step in our journey to real-word application.

Participation in Horizon Results Booster has helped define the project’s potential commercial strategy, providing invaluable support and guidance to enhance its impact

– Principal Investigator and Project Coordinator Justin Holmes

Looking Ahead

TRANSLATE will incorporate the learnings from the HRB into the latest version of the Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation plan, and include the report from META Group as an appendix to our periodic report.

Our journey with the HRB has served as a roadmap, guiding the project towards strategic decisions, refined exploitation plans, and enabling a better understanding of the commercial and societal value of its innovations.

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