Invited Speaker at IEEE Applied Sensing Conference 2023

TRANSLATE team member Dr. Kafil M. Razeeb is an invited speaker at the upcoming IEEE Applied Sensing Conference in Bengaluru, India on 23-25 January 2023.

Title of presentation: Development of Micro-Thermoelectric Generator as an Alternative Energy Source for Wearable Biomedical Devices


Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are a group of disorders of the heart, circulation and blood vessels and is the main cause of mortality and a major cause of morbidity in the world. CVD is the leading cause of deaths, representing 32% of global deaths in 2019, which is alarming.  However, most sudden deaths occur in individuals who do not have high-risk profiles. Long-term electrocardiograph (ECG) monitoring is the standard criterion for the diagnosis and early detection of these diseases, so that management and medicines can begin. Over the last decade, many wearable ECG systems have been proposed and are even available on the market. However, such sensors are bulky and suffer from inaccuracies, large power consumption and short battery lifetime. Moreover, the majority of them are based only on ECG monitoring whereas multi-sensor functionality is desirable to holistically monitor several vital signals that can be essential for meaningful home health care, sporting activity and remote patient-doctor communication. In this talk, I will briefly discuss the development of a flexible smart multi-modal sensing platform to monitor ECG, respiratory flow, oxygen flow and temperature, powered by body heat energy conversion strategy through high efficiency micro-thermoelectric generator to prolong the life of the battery. Particularly, I will discuss the development of these micro-thermoelectric generator as a possible future source of renewable energy from the perspective of on-body biomedical applications, like wearable biomedical devices.

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